How to use tricks in games

How to use the tricks

We try to explain how to use tricks, cheats and modded apks. Read carefully te manual!

  • First, watch this movie. It tells you how to fill the offers, when modded apk or generator ask you about it. It’s needed to check are you a real human, not bot. Why? If bots could use apps games would be spammed very fast and programmers would be changing code to game very fast.

Ok, you’ve watched the movie, but there is a problem with an offer? Read possible reasons and solutions:

  • Your Ip Address could be blacklisted or already in the system with all the affiliate you may very well be trying to unlock the download with.


You might be able to Change you IP Address by resetting or merely unplugging your router or modem. This can be a popular reason downloads will not likely unlock. Experiment with other browsers. Try different browsers. Firefox is best, Internet Explorer is recognized for being difficult.

  • No Surveys Available for your Country/Download Wont Unlock: You have a greater chance of your Download Unlocking If your From the US, UK, Canada. Some countries below the knob on or no surveys wanted to complete.


Even if there won’t be surveys accessible in your country or if you merely don?t should complete people to unlock the download.


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